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To provide a full range of life application education and help students in personality
as well as any potential development at academic and social levels.

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我們的理念 Our Philosophy 


Our philosophy is to build nine characters in every child's life every day, especially in interpersonal relationships, because we are not pursuing a separate individual, but a group building! Furthermore, the wholesome life is built upon team works.

  • 仁爱 Love


    True love is for the sake of the other, to teach the child how to apply our love, understand that in every smallest thing they know how to use the most appropriate way to treat others, do love each other, love as thyself.

  • 忍耐 Patience


    Endurance is not easy, especially for our family. If there is a clear goal in the process of patience then we may achieve a good result. So we have to teach children to have a clear goal and to run straight towards the pole.

  • 信实 Faithfulness


    Teach the child to be a faithful and reliable, to keep promises with kindness. True trust refers to the acceptance of emotional attitudes. A confident child is emotionally supportive rather than looking at how good the external conditions are.

  • 喜乐 Joy


    Cultivating children in the hope of great joy. Confident people are happy; however, people who lose confidence will never be happy. In addition, smile is always on their face. We want to let the children grow up in a confident-nurtured environment and they will be naturally able to spread the smile to the people around them.

  • 恩慈 Kindness


    Grace is a gentle attitude, from mercy and love. We must teach our children not only to relax their own standards in measuring other people as well as accepting people, forgiveing each other, but also to give each other space with the kindness to share to the needy.

  • 温柔 Gentle


    Warmness is a humble attitude; gentle is not weak,; strong is not insisted. Cultivate children to be humble and gentle heart to face a variety of environments.

  • 和平 Peace


    Peace is not by way of patience, and peace is via righteousness. We have to teach children how to properly treat themselves, so that people are fair and equitable, and such interpersonal relationships must also be peaceful.

  • 良善 Goodness


    Goodness is kindness to others, be they good and evil. When we teach our children to pursue goodness, naturally they will not treat others with evil deeds.

  • 节制 Self Control


    Both in time and one’s habit, children should have the ability to control their own ideas and actions. We want to teach children to hold the sovereignty of life in their own hands. .

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